Estate sales &  Liquidation services- estate sales & auctions

Common Questions

Do you sell cars, trucks, tractors or off road vehicles?

Yes we do! As huge car enthusiasts its one of our favorite things to sell. 

What do we charge for our services?
 We work on a commission basis, there is no out of pocket expense to you.  Our commission rates vary for each sale and are based upon the size of the house, the amount of contents and other labor factors for your particular situation.  Once we come out and look at the sale, we will present our contract which will contain the commission we would charge for your sale. 

Do I clean or discard items first?

NO! Please do not discard anything! It's absolutely true: One man's trash is another's treasure. Even rusty tools, old car parts and clothing have value to our buyers.  We have been known to sell the cleaning supplies under the sink as well!!!  Let us decide what can be sold and what can be discarded.  We recently pulled a map of disneyland out of a trash bag.....yes, sold it for $150.00.  The client said "oh dear, I threw a lot of older maps away in the last couple of weeks...."

Do you sell online or local estate sale only? 

Typically we will use both venues to sell your items.  We will pull out some items that may command a higher price and sell them in on online auction format, which reaches a wider audience and typically will sell for more.  Advertising is the key to a successful online or onsite sale and we are experts in getting the maximum amount of customers to come through the doors.  We advertise on the two highest googled sites for estate sales as well as 100's of customers on our mailing list who loyally come to each sale.  

Do I have enough to sell? 

If you have enough household items and collectibles to furnish a small apartment an estate sale, also referred to as a tag sale, may be right for your situation. While there’s always a market for antiques, everyday items, such as furniture, tools, sporting goods, clothing, kitchen items, appliances, electronics, cars, boats and jewelry also move well during sales.  

How long does a sale take? 

Depending upon the size of your sale, it will be open to the public between 1 and 4 days.

How long does it take you to prepare for the sale? 

Again, it depends on the size and scope of your belongings. We’ve cleared, sorted, and priced within a week’s time for a smaller sale with rush circumstances. But we prefer at least 2 to 3 weeks to prepare for the sale and advertise it.

Can I keep things in the house that I don't want to sell?

Yes. We can block off closets, a room, or a level of your home where non-sale belongings may be stored.  

What if you find cash, receipts, photos or other personal items?

This a very good question to ask!  We often run into hidden cash, receipts for storage units that family didn't know their loved ones had, as well as  photos, private papers, and other personal items in unusual places. We box it up for you and let you go through it to decide what to keep and what to discard.  The cash is documented as to amount found and location of where it was found. 

How much of my belongings will you sell? 

Our goal is to empty the house for you, each sale varies of course, but typically we will sell 75% of your merchandise. It may depend on the weather, the advance notice we have to advertise your sale, and the quality of your items. We are happy to arrange for unsold items to go to auction, charity, or arrange a buyout.

When should you hold my sale? 

Spring and summer are the busy seasons for estate sales, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best time. There will be lots of competition from garage sales and conflicts with outdoor and vacation plans. Because of our temperate weather in the Sacramento and surrounding area, any time of year is the right time for an estate sale! Do not put off your sale — let's start planning it today.

Do you clean my house after the sale? 

We organize trash and discards. We are not housecleaners, though we are happy to arrange for a service to come in and clean for you. This additional cost can be deducted from your pay out.

Are sales cash only or do you accept checks and credit cards? 

We accept cash and all major credit cards for the ease of purchasing for our customers.  Typically we do not accept checks, however if it is a customer we have had for years, we may make an exception.