Whatever I write here won't be enough.  There should be ten stars.  

Before choosing Wright's, I communicated with three other Sacramento area companies.  My mom had just died, I was in a dark place, and I felt as if I needed to connect with people on a human (not just a business) level.  My mother was very attached to her things, and the prospect of letting them go was painful for me (and logistically terrifying).   Anne and Ryan, the mother-and-son team behind Wright's, were both immediately kind, compassionate, and engaged.  I thought: if these guys are just pretending to be this sympathetic and caring, they're the best actors in the world.  

Once the process began, Anne and Ryan hit the ground running.  They're extremely hard workers, creative and thorough.  They're also steady, thoughtful communicators: they asked questions, tested ideas, and kept me abreast of everything that was going on.  There was so, so, so much to be done, and I was completely overwhelmed.  When they took over, it was like magic.  There was a vast amount of stuff.  Vast is too small a word for how much stuff there was.  I was also in a lot of debt, having paid for my mother's care and all her expenses for years.  So I needed to believe they could work exhaustively to try to find options for placing as many salable things as possible.    

Anne and Ryan not only held a bustling weekend sale (which I wasn't expected to go to, big relief--it would have only upset me).  As they were preparing the sale, they filled several boxes with personal things they thought I might not have noticed and might have wanted to keep (I did!) After it was over, they took care of the donation and/or disposal of anything still remaining in the house, leaving it broom-clean, needing only a light touch-up before I turned the house over to the landlord.  As I type, they're continuing to work to find different web venues for things that would most likely sell online.  They've been prompt with payment, and extremely transparent.  Their records are meticulous and clear.   

Not only are Anne and Ryan genius at what they do.  They're also just as caring and compassionate as they seemed to be from the get-go.  Anne was dedicated to doing my mother proud, and to making the process rewarding for me, emotionally and financially.   

Thank you, Anne and Ryan. I can't imagine having gotten through all this without you.

Marie P.~

Sacramento, CA


Excellent from Start to Finish

We interviewed 3 agents for our estate sale and are very pleased we selected Ann and Ryan. From the start, they were timely, professional, respectful, and kept in touch every step of the way. 

Whenever we had a question, Anne was very prompt about responding. They placed ads online for some items, researched their value and dealt with every aspect necessary to complete the sales. If they ran across money or other questionable items, we were notified. They did everything as promised and left the home very clean. 

We highly recommend Ann and Ryan, they exceeded our expectations and we would use them again without hesitation. 

Patti E~
Elk Grove, CA


It was a pleasure to work with Ryan and Anne. First, you are letting people into a home where they could, if they wanted to, not only take your items but also take advantage of you. However, Ryan and Anne and their staff were so ethical, so transparent, that not once, did we go "what the heck are they up to". Every communication received by them was a relief. It was one less thing for us to think about. They were patient with us and tolerated our inability to decide what to sell and what to keep. Not only that, but the estate sale was on one of the hottest weekends for September and they handled it with ease.

Great people, great company and if anyone has questions, just let me know (Ryan, feel free to use me as a reference anytime).

Michelle R~

Sacramento, CA 

What People are Saying....


If you're looking for an estate liquidator, then look no further than Wright Estate Liquidators. They are amazing! 

My wife's mother passed away suddenly and her elderly father was left to take care of clearing out of their rented duplex and two storage sheds on the property -- packed with stuff.  Her mother was a bit of a collector (hoarder) and had a lot of stuff to go through!  We were overwhelmed.

Since we don't live in Sacramento and were in the process of moving my father-in-law to San Diego to live with us, we were going to have to settle the estate long distance.  After having a bad experience and wasting precious time with another liquidator who backed out at the last minute, we called Wright Liquidators in a panic and spoke with Ryan.  He was at the house within two hours (on a Sunday!) taking pictures, and we hired him on the spot.  It was a pleasure to meet with Ryan and Anne before we left Sacramento.  We really liked them both very much.  We handed them the keys when we left, and they took care of everything for us!  They took care of the estate sales, the donations to charity, internet sales, and cleaning and clearing the duplex back to the landlord. 

They were wonderful throughout, and kept us informed with phone calls and emails.  Before leaving, we were only able to take a fast look and remove a few items of family value that we wanted before we left.  Anne said if she came across any personal items or pictures she would send them. We received several boxes of pictures and other personal items she found.  When we mentioned a few things we remembered and wanted, she pulled those items and sent them too.  She would call us about items she wasn't sure about often.  She really cared! 

We can't thank them enough for all their help.  We don't know what we would've done without them.  They are good, honest, caring people who will treat yours or your loved ones belongings like their own.  Hire them!!!

Joe S. ~

Chula Vista, CA 


I used Wright's Estate Liquidators to settle my dads estate after he died. Both the owners Ryan and Anne were very professional, knowledgeable and walked us through the process with no high pressure tactics. They made recommendations and suggested several methods which were tailored to our taste and budget. When it came time for the estate sale everything was skillfully displayed, itemized and sold at what I thought was more that what I could have done myself. I would recommend Wright's to anyone in their hour of need. I know after my father passed it was very stressful and Wright's made it that much easier. Thank you Wright's!

Will L.~

Sacramento, CA

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