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Fine Jewelry-We have sold thousands and thousands of dollars of fine jewelry online to ensure you get the absolute maximum for your heirloom...again we handle all the authentication, photos, packing, shipping and insuring of your pieces. A link is provided so you can watch the progression of the auction.  Be sure and read above-under the navigation guide on this page. "Gold What you should know before you sell"  good tips to ensure you are making the right decision. 

Online Auctions-During the discovery phase we usually find a few or a lot of items that will sell for considerably more online. We list worldwide and take care of all the photos, research, description, bidding, packing, shipping and insuring.  We always provide a link so you can follow along as the auction progresses. 

We customize our services for your specific needs, always a free consultation to determine the best methods for liquidating your property for maximum returns. Some Options below, but we think outside the box and will find a buyer for anything!

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Our business is founded on the principle of honesty and integrity. These are values that we encompass in our everyday lives, and our business standards reflect this. We have many references who would be more than happy to chat with you at your request. 

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Onsite Estate Sales- We do a superior job at setting up and staging your onsite estate sale.  But FIRST, we go through everything in the house including pockets, nooks and crannies, under rugs etc. in our DISCOVERY stage.  Normally finding something the family was unaware of or had been looking for.  At this point we know, what will sell better in an online auction and which items will sell better onsite.  We then commence with the fun part of setting up and staging for a professional event, we supply all tables, clothes and display cases. We handle the professional photos of your items which are included in all of the advertising we do for your sale. We advertise on all three major Estate Sale websites which are, and which estate sale shoppers flock to weekly. We also have a huge following on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and advertise there as well. Next we price all of the items for the onsite sale, we are always up to date on market conditions and have an array of professional associates we can call on if something stumps us!